About us

We are people much like yourself who want to do something world changing, by helping the worlds poor to grow enough highly nutritious food to become self-sufficient.  You may have heard it said 'if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.' We agree.


We are a Christian faith based organisation working with Catch the Fire Ministries & Organics for Orphans, based in Birmingham, at Harvest Ministries.  


A man from Zambia decided that he needed to be trained in this organic method. He was responsible for feeding 2000 orphans every week at a cost to him of $5 per child/week. His expenses for food alone were in excess of $10,000 each week. In less than 1 year since he went on the training course he now grows 92% of the food his 'kids' eat. This is a saving of approximately $9,200 per WEEK!




Our Trainners


Our trainers go into local communities & orphanages in their area and set up a community learning garden.  They will then go back several times throughout the first year. This is to check the garden is growing well, and the community is working together.



We currently have trainers coming from 8 nations including: Uganda, Zimbabwe, Niger, Ghana & Mozambique.

You can watch this short video explaining a little more about Harvest Gardens. (Above)


UK version - Harvest Gardens - What we are all about.