How many people can

1 garden feed?



One community learning garden feeds approximately 50 people in its first year. The truly exciting thing begins to happen in the second year. As people notice the success of the garden, they being to imitate and implement the same type of mini-farming on their personal land and farms. By the end of the second year that one community garden will be the template that is responsible for over 200 people in that community being fed.

In a nutshell, our trainers teach communities to grow 6-12 times as much food as they had been growing. This is done by utilizing the research of German horticulturists. There are several key principles involved in this type of sustainable ORGANIC farming, such as; double digging, companionship planting, composting, water 'growing', crop rotation, and bio-intensive planting.



If you would like to know more about the techniques used then click Here to download your copy of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE Handbook.

Harvest Gardens is a real world, quantifiable example of how this kind of gardening can a make long-term impact.


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Bio- Gardening changed everything about how I garden,

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